Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rouge In Love... By Lancome

Lancome recently released the Rouge In Love collection of lipsticks which is also their first ever long wearing lipsticks, and I'm soo excited to share them with you!
These lip colors are supposed to last up to 6 hours.

The lipsticks are categorized in 3 different moods,
Jolis Matins- Fresh shades of daytime wear are identified with the letter M
Boudoir Time- Shades for cocktail hours are identified with the letter B
Tonight Is My Night- Intense night shades which are identified with the letter N

The three colors I picked (swatched below) are Midnight Rose, Lasting Kiss and Fiery Attitude.
P.S- I have listed the lipstick numbers and names in the swatch below because the testers at the counters do not have names on them.

After minutes of fighting with a makeup removing wipe the color still remained, so I gave up :).

The consistency of these lipsticks are very creamy and would make you wonder if they would really last for up to 6 hours... the answer is YES!
Usually, lighter colors only last at the most 1 and half hours on me but surprisingly, Lasting Kiss stayed on for 3 hours before fading started.
The 2 darker shades lasted for 5 hours before fading started... all I had to do was apply a clear lipgloss and it felt like new again.

I like to moisturize my lips and then blot before applying the Rouge in Love lipstick for extra lasting power.

Lasting Kiss is a pink nude color, in the tube you would notice some shimmer but it does not transfer to the lips. A great universally flattering color, I like to apply a light pink gloss with shimmer like MAC Cosmetics Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks on top of this.

Fiery Attitude (my favorite) is a deep berry wine color, it looks nothing like it does in the bullet so don't let that fool you. Color wise, this looks exactly like Rebel from MAC but, I favor the texture of the Rouge In Love. (you can tell I love this color...check out the smile lol)

And we have Midnight Rose which is one of the 2 Rouge In Love lipsticks with a similar name as a Vernis In Love nail color. Check out my post on Vernis In Love nail color in Midnight Rose here
Midnight Rose is a very bright fuchsia color. The closest in color that I have in my collection is Lickable by MAC.

I'm the kind of gal that refuses to take my lipstick of the day out with me. My Jack Black lip balm has a little apartment in my purse and that is all I want to apply when my lipstick fades.
Therefore, a lipstick that lasts long on my lips is a life saver... that is why I love Rouge in Love!

These retail for $25 at any Lancome counters or the websites and I hope you give it a got!



  1. Gorgeous, Fiery Attitude looks amazing!

    1. Thank you Milana! It's my favorite :)

  2. Gorgeous hun,love them all the second and last suit u very well<3

    1. Thank you soo much Sharon.... Those are my favorite type of colors :)

  3. I really like Lancome's lipsticks...but they have such a strong floral fragrance that stops me from wanting to wear them. The packaging is really pretty though. :-)

    1. Aww thats unfortunate! I don't notice the floral scent after a few minutes of application.

  4. I love those colors :)
    great review!

  5. I love that midnight rose... Very nice.

  6. Fiery Attitude is calling my name!

    1. Fiery Attitude spoke to me, lol... its a beauty


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