Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

I spotted Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush on a few blogs and being that I'm not the biggest fan of the traditional foundation brush, and I had nothing like this in my brush collection, I decided to try it out.

I was surprised at how small this brush looked in person. Its quite small, the length is comparable to the length of a MAC Cremesheen Glass, but don't let the size of this brush fool you because it definitely performs.

The bristles are very dense and the slightly slanted top of the brush allows you to reach little corners that are normally hard to get to, like around the nose and the inner corner of the bottom eye.
This brush is wonderful for both cream and liquid foundations. 

The representative told me to dip the brush in my foundation and dab it around my face then buff it in, but I find that this method wastes product because the  foundation gets trapped in the dense bristles.

I like to place dots of liquid foundations all around my face with my fingers, use the brush to dab the foundation around and then using a buffing motion, I spread the foundation around my face.
I find that this method is really quick and gives a more natural airbrushed finish.

I have really long fingers so at first, this brush was quite difficult to use because of this size, after using it for a while, the discomfort disappears.

I love this brush because compared to the traditional foundation brush, it cuts my foundation application time to half. I find that the method I use to apply my foundation with this brush does not waste any product at all.

What do you think?
Yay or Nay?



  1. OMG! I was out last week looking for this particular brush. None of the Shiseido counters or Sephoras I've been to carry the brush :(. I really want this brush and after reading your post and looking at your pics, I want it more than ever :).

    1. Oh bummer!! I loove this brush, I hope you find it soon because it's just amazing!
      I wonder if you can find it at Debenhams?

    2. tried Debenhams too with no success :(. I'll keep looking...

    3. I was told that this brush isn't sold in Sephora stores, just online.

  2. This is a great brush! I first used it while working as a beauty consultant at a Shiseido counter and makeup artists from the other counters all loved the brush and would borrow it from me all the time! It sold out so quickly in all the stores but they've been working to get it back in supply so it's available now. Bloomingdale's Shiseido counter at Lenox Square in Atlanta had quite a few last week. Ask for Amal or JuJu. The QUALITY of this brush and how it handles is awesome! Of course, from Shiseido, nothing but fabulous and lovely!


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