Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thakoon For NARS Summer 2012

 Thakoon Panichgul is a Thai American Fashion Designer. I have glanced at a few of his pieces at Neiman Marcus but I'm not really familiar with his work in the fashion world... 
All I know is that this nail polish collaboration with NARS Cosmetics for summer 2012 is BRILLIANT!

There are 6 limited edition nail colors in this collection, the inspiration is from colors found in an Indian Spice Market and all the shades are of a creamy consistency.

Ratin Jot is described as an orchid purple, quite similar to OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries.

Anardana is a medium deep fuchsia  red, a very intense color that I love.

Koliary is a cyan blue, it dosent really come off cyan on my nails... it's more like a turquoise blue on me.
This is not a color that I usually go for but of all the 3 that I picked, Koliary is my favorite! I've been staring at it since I applied it, it's such a beauty.

... Koliary goes really well with Revlon's nail polish in Radiant

In case you didn't know, I really do favor NARS nail polishes but I've never been soo excited about a nail polish collection, I think the colors are amazing and worth checking out.
The formular is really creamy and smooth and so far (day 2) I haven't experienced any chipping which kind of has been the norm in nail polishes for me.

This is limited edition and I'm sure they will sell out quick.

They retail for $18 on May 1st on


  1. I just picked up the yellow! I love this collection, super pretty!

    1. Oh yea!! I don't have too many yellow nail polishes... I should try that one too.

  2. I love Koliary. Such a beautiful blue!

    1. It really is beautiful. My favorite!

  3. love all of them,great swatches honey thanks for sharing!

  4. Koliary looks amazing! I may need to check these out.

    1. Isn't she beautiful! Definitely check them out... they're great!

  5. These look so great!! Koliary has got my eye to. I have such a weekness for blues/turoquise, espically with summer comming up. and OH my gosh, $18!! is it just me or is np getting more and more expensive? I only have one NARS no and it was a winners find at $12. (Blush however thats a totally different story)

    BTW you're a great photographer!

  6. Thanks Karen! I was looking at your post on the blue spa ritual nail polish that looks exactly like koliary.
    You do an amazing work on your nail art! x


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